Take your time in The Tuleries

In the Tuleries gardens we found two chairs under a tree by one of the round pools. It was a postcard-perfect sunny spring Saturday morning. Next to us, two couples seem to have been there for a while. One of the guys had his shirt off, tanning his pumped-up gym body and showing off his oriental-themed tattoos.

Paris - Andy learning to sit still in the Tuleries

Sometimes the best thing to do is just sit. Amazingly, the Tuleries has these wonderful chairs throughout the park. Not bolted down or chained together. Don't see that over here.

“Les joggers” ran along the broad paths in their fashionable tights. Families strolled the broad paths below the rows of trees, trimmed to look like giant hedges. The baguettes were delicious.

Standing Woman by Gaston Lachaise, 1932. You could take weeks to do a very thorough sculpture tour of the Tuleries.

We finished up and made our way towards the Musée de l’Orangerie to see Monet’s series of Water Lilies (Nymphéas) paintings. Strolling through the park (and strolling is just the right word here, we were in no hurry), we passed a few of the charming cafes under the trees. They’re just like the ones Renoir painted.

Paris - Tuleries - cafe

What's the rush? Time for a "pause café, non"? Oui!

It was moments like this that stopped us from running around trying to see everything. In a park this beautiful, on a day like this, at a time like this, we could think of nothing better to do than just to be there. There was nothing we’d rather be doing. And so we took our time getting to the Orangerie.

Paris - sculpture behind Orangerie

Beautiful sculpture around the back of the Orangerie. Sorry I didn't get the name of the artist.

And when we got there, we found just a short line. I had read horror stories of hour-long waits. Not for us. For this trip, we were blessed. Everything worked according to a hidden schedule.

Paris - park two French flags

One of the world's beautiful flags.

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