Paris around Place Maubert

Our little corner of Paris around Place Maubert was a study in contrasts. At one end of our street was the Notre Dame, the Seine and the luxe apartments on Ille St Louis – the very heart of Paris.

Ille St Louis Apartments

If you live here on Ille St Louis you either inherited it or you came into a lot of money. A wonderful place to live.

Walk away from the Seine and you came to Blvd St Germain and Place Maubert. On the south side of St Germain, were numerous little streets and dead end alleyways that seemed to have escaped Haussmann’s attention.

Horse Butcher

On a side street just off Place Maubert, the horse butcher.

Grocery shopping

The French ladies go grocery shopping at Place Maubert.

Stylish Elderly Couple

There's style for you.

The Band

This great little orchestra was playing Pink Floyd. "We don't need no education..."

Band Close Up

I loved watching these guys. Seemed so French. They were working so hard to get it right.

Up the hill was the Pantheon whose dome you could see at the ends of numerous little dead ends.

Pantheon view

Because the Pantheon is up on a hill, we got a version of this view looking up a few streets.

Only after watching Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris a couple of times did I notice how much of it was shot right in this corner of Paris. The stairs where Owen Wilson waits at midnight for the car to transport him to another era are at the side of the Saint-Étienne-du-Mont church on Rue de la Montagne Sainte-Genevieve, just behind the Pantheon.

Old Buildings On Lanneau

Looking for a little "fixer upper" a 10-minute walk to the Seine? Here you go...

Le Coupe Chou

Tucked away on the tiniest of side streets is Le Coupe Chou restaurant. I went looking for it because we'd eaten there 25 years ago. Should have booked - it's still getting good reviews.

Rue De Lanneau

Just a little further up the street from Le Coupe Chou, a corner of Paris that time forgot.

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