Are we bums in Paris? No restaurant service again!

Now, it was time for dessert. We walked back through the Îlle St Louis over to Îlle de la Cité, in front of the Notre Dame again and over the Petit Pont to the Latin Quarter. Along the way we bought an ice cream, but now we wanted a crepe. We looked for a road-side crepe stand. Couldn’t find one. But deep into the Latin Quarter, it’s one restaurant after another. Might as well find one with a view.

We walked past a street corner with a restaurant that was packed. It seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves, the menu said that they served crepes, and there in the middle of it all was an empty table for two. We sat down.

The waiter came over and we told him in our tourist French that we wanted crepes. Non! At this time, they were only serving full-course meals. He turned on his heels and was gone. Nothing to do but to get up and find somewhere else. First day in Paris, and we’d already walked out of two restaurants. Surprisingly, or maybe not, it never happened again.

On a nice night, the Latin Quarter is packed with tourists and locals, all looking for a good time.

We walked further through the crooked streets behind Place Saint-Michel. It was an idyllic Saturday night and every restaurant was full. On a side street, we found a creperie, sat down, ordered and were served. (Three rejections in one day would have been too much to take!) Crepes and tea.

We just sat and relaxed. Watched the maitre d’ of the restaurant next to us sweet-talk the tourists filling his restaurant with one couple after another. We finished, got up and in a bit of a daze, made our way back to the hotel. In bed about 11. What a first day in Paris. I think we got our money’s worth!

Even the Eiffel Tower finally calls it a night.

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