Dinner at Café Constant, Parisian art nouveau and more walking

From Serge’s deserted love palace we made our way home, stopping at Eric Kayser for bread (numerous locations in Paris, all good) and Nicholas for wine. Was surprised to see the most amazing vintages at Nicholas going for 50 – 60 Euros. Wow!

Cannons at Invalides, Eiffel Tower

The moat in front of Invalides, protected by cannons. Walked past here many times from the 5th and 6th back to our apartment in the 7th.

We were completely blissed out walking along Blvd St Germain and Rue de Grenelle on the way home. A bit tired, but feeling incredibly lucky to be here in this bright white beautiful city. Took some photos as we made our way to our apartment. After a little rest it was time for dinner.

Rue St. Dominque

Rue St. Dominique all lit for the holidays. Each neighbourhood had its own lighting theme.

We had read about Café Constant which was just a short walk away on rue St. Dominique. This is a classic bistro run by Michelin-starred chef Christian Constant and his wife Catherine. But the trick at Café Constant is that they don’t take reservations. They open at 7. So, somewhere around 6, the line starts to form, and shortly before 7 the doors open, and everyone rushes, in a very dignified manner mind you, to get a table. We got one upstairs.

Upstairs at Café Constant

Like many Paris restaurants, they pack you in at Café Constant. I'm sure many friendships have been formed by talking to the person sitting right next to you.

Andy Café Constant

Towards the end of a very long day. After the champagne the Morgon wine was tasty.

It does seem to be a strange way to run a restaurant, but I guess it gives the kitchen time to get everything prepared, knowing that at about 7:10 they’ll be serving 70 people mostly 3-course prix fixe dinners.

Café Constant

The remnants of a paté appetizer. Delicious!

Café Constant, mushroom salad appetizer

The artichoke salad first course. So tightly packed and with such dim lighting it wasn't easy to take shots of the food.

We started dinner with champagne – second time that day – just to set the pace for the week. For the main courses we had duck with potatoes and apples, and shrimp with pasta. Dessert was prunes in red wine and spices.

Walking around afterwards, I realized we were close to Avenue Rapp which features an over-the-top Art Nouveau apartment building.

Art Nouveau, Avenue Rapp, Paris

Had read about the Art Nouveau apartment building at 29 Avenue Rapp. Meant to go back during the day, but didn't make it. Worth going out of your way to see if you're a fan.

Hit this link for art nouveau Avenue Rapp Paris to see dozens of shots of this famous apartment building including a few interiors. Imagine having that room above the entrance way.

Paris at night

Easy to get overwhelmed by beauty in Paris. There seems to be something decorative in every little courtyard. It may be a cliché, but that doesn't make it any less true.

After a few more blocks, this long first day caught up with us. Time to sleep. But first, try out the massive tub in this little Parisian apartment. Hey, big enough for two! In bed by 10:30. Not bad for a full day Saturday….. but guess what? We were both awake at 4:30 in the morning, not tired. Time to figure out the coffee machine.

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