An unsurpassed feast for the eyes, but a beast on the wallet

Let’s get a few very obvious observations about Paris out of the way. Paris is a wonderful city for walking, for being a flaneur or a boulevardier, if you prefer. Geographically, downtown’s twenty arrondisements are quite compact, and if you’re feeling energetic, you could walk right across the city.

Men's Shoes

Gents, if you generally spend between $750 and $2,000 on a pair of shoes, this is your store. On Blvd St. Germain in the 6th.

Secondly, the city is a window shopper’s delight. Parisian storekeepers take their windows seriously and it shows. So here, with little rhyme or reason are some of the windows that caught my eye. No patisseries in this collection – those are an encyclopedia unto themselves.

Costes Roses

Roses, my love? The Costes Brothers have you covered. Just one branch of their fine living empire of swell hotels, restaurants, cafés and shops.

Yellow roses

Something in yellow?

Yellow dress

Speaking of yellow.... one perfect dress.


We should have bought those striped loungers. So nice!

Lannes, Proust, Stravinsky

Where else could you walk past a storefront that offers the letters of Lannes, Proust, Stravinsky and Napoleon I? That's what they put in the windows to attract passersby. Imagine what they have in the vault.

Louis XVIII and Claude Monet

Or a few words from Louis XVIII and Claude Monet? I wonder if any of Van Gogh's letters are for sale?

Chucks on the Champs

The only cool runners in Paris were Chuck Taylors (now owned by Nike, BTW). Here's the Allstar version of the Stars and Stripes on the Champs Elysée.

Wine on Rue de Seine

If you were fortunate enough to live in the 6th near the Rue de Seine, then this might be your corner fruit and veg store. Notice that it's also a Specialiste de Vins. That's Paris!

Stylish furniture

You'll need furniture for your swell Parisian pied a terre. Here you go...

The Simpsons in Paris

The French fondness for American kitsch didn't end with Jerry Lewis. Here's a serious gallery showing "art" based on the Simpsons. That's when you know you have too much money.

Bookbinder and Customer

On a little side street, a bookbinder and his customer enjoy a chat along with an appreciation for beautiful books bound in leather.

World Wide Men

A headline that deftly combines Steppenwolf and the Web.

Gals Rock

Gals Rock? I guess so. I would have gone with Girls Rock, or better yet, Gurrrls Rock. But hey..... nice type.

Naf Naf

Years ago I was enchanted by a girl in a Naf Naf jumper. Made me smile to see the Naf Naf store on Blvd St Michel.

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