Favorite Links

There are thousands of sites about Paris, Provence and Van Gogh. Here are some favorites.


David Lebovitz Pastry chef, chocolate lover, author, American in Paris bon vivant. Read The Sweet Life in Paris. Delightful!

Secrets of Paris American girl living in Paris with guides, tours, etc

Girl’s Guide to Paris is exactly what it sounds like, with sections on restaurants, hotels, spas, arts & culture

Paris By Mouth The name says it all, foodie eating and discovery in Paris

John Talbott’s Paris Restaurant and “about town” reviews


Wikipedia Arles Page Always a good place to start

Arles Guide An independent overall guide to the city. Book hotels, get maps, get restaurant reviews

Galen Fry Singer Photo blog of European cities includes pictures of Arles


Wikipedia Van Gogh Page Start here, plenty of links at the bottom of the page

Van Gogh Letters A reference site to accompany the massive 6-volume printed set of Van Gogh letters. Read his letters in the language they were written in (Van Gogh wrote in Dutch, French and English), in translation, or from scans of the original letters. Amazing site!

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam Ground zero for everything Van Gogh. Biggest single collection in the world. Thank you Johanna!

Johanna Van Gogh Bonger’s Memoir Theo’s wife wrote a memoir after both Vincent and Theo died within months of each other. Here it is unabridged.

The Restoration of a Bedroom painting – this is a fascinating blog. You’ll learn about restoration techniques, get the microscope view of Vincent’s work. For art nerds!

Van Gogh Gallery Probably the most comprehensive Van Gogh site run by David Brooks, right here in Toronto.

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