Doing nothing? Do it in Aix!

Today was one of the first days on our trip with no real agenda.

Well, I did have some work to do, now that we’d found an adapter for the the laptop. But, it started out lazy with us sleeping in on that huge king size bed. Parted the curtains to take in the sun-baked rooftops of Aix and another sparkling Provencal day.

Aix - baguettes

How do they eat so much bread and not gain weight? Maybe it's all the walking. Baguettes in the market, like the ones we had at breakfast.

First big decision – breakfast. That was easy – big hotel buffet downstairs. Yes, there were cheaper meals to be had, probably right around the corner, but this was too perfect. Sat outside with a view over the lawns and the pool. It was another one of those out-of-body moments where it’s hard to believe you’re sitting in the south of France.

Aix - hotel swimming pool

Yes, the water is as warm as it looks. What a place to spend the morning.

After breakfast, I did my work assignment while Marlene went to the pool. Then, we walked over to the train station, to change our tickets so that we could take the TGV directly from Aix to Paris, rather than go back to Arles. With no fixed agenda, we took a leisurely walk through old Aix in the general direction of the train station.

Aix - linens in clothing market

Should have bought more linens. You see them everywhere in Aix.

Aix - clothing market dresses scarves

Every type of clothing was available in this market. It went on for at least a kilometre.

We walked down Cours Mirabeau again, but today there were dozens of vendors set up under the trees selling clothing. From the ordinary to the truly exotic (nothing like a table of brassieres to get your attention) it was all there. We also came upon a fruit market in a square and bought local honey and lavender. It really is charming the way they set up these markets every day.

Aix - market paella

To make paella, you need.....

Aix - paella spice swirl

....paella spices of course. Everything you need is in the Aix markets.

Anyway, made it to the train station, even got a 48 Euro refund, and headed back. All that walking could only mean one thing – time to eat again.

Found a café in Place de Verdun for wonderful freshly made sandwiches on baguettes. Life is good.

Aix - market boxes of Provence tomatos

Sign says it all.

Aix - market Madeleines Andy

Should I have these Madeleines before or after lunch? I'd say before....

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